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Whole House Water Filtration -By FILTERSMART
 is the top provider of salt free water softeners and whole house water filtration.  Our systems produce the very best water you can possibly find without the use of salt or other chemicals.  We have uniquely designed our systems to be more environmentally friendly and healthier than anything else on the market.

Our carbon water filters use all natural coconut shell carbon to produce water that tastes amazing at every tap in your house.  Our salt free water systems use no chemicals and add no sodium to the water supply. The result is the best water you can possibly get in your home.

All our water systems carry a lifetime warranty on tanks and valves and are entirely reusable after the media expires. 

The result is the industry’s best whole house water systems and salt free water softeners.  FilterSmart is simply the best choice for better water!





Our filtration systems are shipped DIY ready. If you don't know basic plumbing or have a plumber handy, we can set you up with one.
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100% GREEN

Our filters use no electricity, waste ZERO water and add no salt/sodium to the water supply. No backwashing required.
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Our Tanks and valves are guaranteed for life and are reusable after the filtering media has expired.
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